Monday, May 26, 2008

Another happy valley

Welcome to Switzerland. Home of CHOCOLATE, cheese and many, many mountains. It is absolutely breathtaking here. We thought we had a fantastic view from our windows in our home in Utah. This place puts that dive to shame. We stayed the first night in a little hotel at the base of the Alps and went on a cogwheel train ride up the mountain. After we woke up from our jetlag haze I peered out the window and felt like singing, or yodling, seriously, it is that beautiful. Yesterday we had church in the jazzersize room in the hotel, where Austin cried like a baby. Okay, in his defense, it has been extremely emotional for him as well as myself being back in Europe having not been since our missions. We stopped by the Swiss Temple on our way to our hotel the first day and were able to talk with a little French boy who just turned 12 and was visiting the temple for the first time. The memories came flooding back to both of us from our missions immediately.

Sunday after church we drove to Lucerne from Grindelwald and stopped in Interlakken along the way and watched some amazing paragliders do their thing. If we had time we so would have joined in. Our hotel room in this amazing 5 star hotel in Lucerne, well, it is 5 star as well. We are on the top floor and apparently we have the most modern room in the joint. Loosely translated, MODERN means: teeny, tiny (only one person can stand at a time, be in the bathroom at a time or pass by the bed at a time), with automatic blinds and a fan that turns on when you sit on the toilet, oh and bottles of water for 8 dollars a bottle.

Today, Monday, the gals are heading for a shopping trip around Lucerne whilst the menfolk dress in business suits and travel to different companies. I will report back latter, hopefully my lunch won´t be 60 dollars for 2 slices of pizza, salad, bruchetta and a drink, as it was last night. I will try to put pictures on the blog when I have a little bit more time and am not so loopy in the brain.

AJ and Ella, sorry we can´t get the webcam to work here, we don´t have the internet ability to do it. Hopefully in our next hotel we will be able to have the access. We love you.

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Paige said...

Oh, I wish I were there with you!