Friday, May 30, 2008

Adventures trying to find the internet

So, apparently the more upscale the hotel, the less amenities you receive for the price. In our first two hotels in the beautiful land of the Swiss, the internet was free as a bird. In Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria it requires payment of your firstborn child, which we are not willing to do. We found a very smoky internet cafe last night and thought it was closer to the hotel than it actually is and I forgot the cable for our camera so you don't get any more shots of our adventure until a later date.

AFter we left Lucerne we made our way to Munich, Germany. I really enjoyed the 15 minutes we were there. Okay so we were there for 2 nights and 1 day but there was just not enough time to explore like I wanted.

We have been having an amazing time touring Saltzburg, even standing on the steps where the VonTrapp children sang Do Rei Me. We watched the movie on our tour bus on the way there and it was all I could do to let Austin sleep beside me when the hills were alive with the sound of music.

We then visited Mauthausen Concentration Camp and I braced Austin for the fact that I would be absolutely inconsolable, as was the case. It was the most sobering opportunity to be a witness to such history. I will NEVER forget it.

We are now in the beautiful city of Vienna and have gone on several walking tours and will tour a castle tomorrow.

Sorry I am not being as descriptive as usual but this internet cafe is going to give me lung cancer. How people can smoke when it is so hot, I will never understand.

Anyway, we shall post more in the next couple days. We have tonight, tomorrow in Vienna then we have church in Vienna on Sunday and drive to Prague. My bum hurts from all this sitting but alas...

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The Burninghams said...

You are as bad as me! I finally posted Europe on my blog. You need to catch up with me girl!