Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A little catch up

Well, Austin finally did it. He is truly the MASTER. He finished his last class last night for his MBA! I am so proud of him and so proud of us (and by us I mean ALL of us--we very well could have killed each other at times--last night for instance) for making it through! He asked me to call him either Austin Peterson, MBA or Master Austin. I agreed only if he would do the same or Professor, when I complete my program (an almost invisible speck in the future). He began a new job on Monday too at Crump (I am sure he will attempt a few Krumping moves he has seen on So You Think You Can Dance). It is a life insurance wholesaler (which he did at Pacific Life in CA). He still has the painting company and the other sundry businesses but he felt with the economy as such and the near inability to work in "corporate America" because of his many years as an entreprenuer (he interviewed with several companies that really wanted him because his ability and skill set were unmatched but they felt because of his background he wouldn't be a "team player"--the only reason they gave him for not hiring him.) so after 2 months of 7 grueling interviews, he was hired. The company is in Salt Lake but headquartered in Maryland (great for me, selfishly, when all is said and done with my degree and I can go storm the National Archives or the Holocaust Memorial Museum or something fabulous).

In other news, and I will post pictures when my computer cooperates, Ella learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels (when she was 4--about 2 months before she was 5, but who's counting--other than AJ who was not too happy seeing as he didn't learn until he was 6). She just saw her friend/neighbor doing it and wanted to too--and she did. I need to buy a bike now so we can go on bike rides up the canyon--she will be better than me! She also turned 5 on June 19th and celebrated it in style--Chuck E. Cheese! That's what she wanted, that's what she got. Another milestone--she learned to swim! Again, AJ is miffed because he again didn't learn until he was 6. She is getting ready to go to KINDERGARTEN!!!! in the fall--I can't believe it. She is at least a head shorter than anyone her age and people keep asking me if I think I should hold her back because of it--um, are you kidding me? She would eat me alive! How can I in good conscience hold back a girl who can read, write and talks better than most 15 year olds just because she is a little pixie? If anyone decides to cross her--I will pray for them--she has the attitude of a 15 year old too.

AJ turned 8 on March 9th and was baptized! I can't believe I have an 8 year old. Holy Moly. He finished a stellar season of baseball and he did FANTASTIC. He likes just about every sport imaginable. He is going into the 3rd grade in the fall and was accepted into the ALL program (accelerated learning lab). I was iffy about it but I am sure he will do great and he can make friends with a tree so I am not worried.

I myself am trying to get back into the swing of things having been thrown into summer after our trip. I am scrapbooking for a friend to make a little extra dough and am taking the summer off of school because it is just too hard to get stuff done at 11:00 when I am exhausted. Hopefully when the kids are in school I will be able to kick it up a notch and take 2 classes at a time to speed things along.

Does anyone want a FAT peeing cat? For some reason our cat has decided her litter box is an occasional thing and she likes to pee on my carpet in my basement. Have you ever smelled cat pee? She took a "liking" to my exercise room and I have allowed myself to understand that the only way to get rid of the smell is to cut out the carpet. I think I am going to have to put the cat outside and hope she can fend off the fox, cougar, coyote and other random animals that frequent our backyard. I am caring less and less about this creature as the days and peeing go on.

I think you are about caught up with our lives, and like I said, when I can figure all this out, I will gladly add some pictures.


Betsy Scott said...

I adore you, Robin! Do tell, what schooling are you working on? Your masters program? And of course it's a history thing, right?

I will have to call you later as it's only two weeks until I'll be in your neck of the woods and I may be seeking refuge/sanctuary at your home (not sure how much of my family I can take).

Betsy Scott said...

Oh, also hi to the kids and Master Austin!

Justin & Di said...

was good to see you last night....:)

The Burninghams said...

Wow you really sold me on the fat peeing cat....I want her asap!! :)

Marisa said...

Welcome to blogging- it was good to see you guys and the kids. You should be able to link to my blog through this comment. Let me know if you can't.

Tiffany said...

Yay! Robin is back in blogging land!!!
And congratulations to Austin Peterson, MBA.